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Free STEM Event Thurs. June 27th

For the Dahlgren Heritage Museum's next free STEM session, the first fifteen 3rd-5th graders to register will participate in demonstrations as they see how far a sneeze can go.

Using spray water bottles, students can test the range of a single simulated sneeze and its potential to infect people. The activity goes on to demonstrate the impact of covering the nose and mouth with a hand or tissue to highlight the importance of respiratory hygiene in preventing the spread of infection. They will be guided by STEM champion and instructor Erica Borgers, a Marine Corps veteran and chemist at NSWCDD who is finishing her Ph.D. at George Mason University.

Parents/guardians are welcome to wait at the museum or to return for pickup by 7:40 p.m. Adults are asked to sign a consent form for photos to be used by the museum. The event is free, but donations to the museum are appreciated.

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