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Take Route 3 East to the light at Route 3 and Route 206: you will see a Sheetz on the right at the light and King George Middle School on the left. [It's about 16 miles from the Ferry Farm Walmart to the light.]


Turn left onto 206 and follow it to the light at the 206/301 Intersection, a little over 9 miles: you will see a Wawa on your right.


Turn left onto Route 301 North. 


The museum does not have a direct left turn into the parking lot from Route 301 North, so as you approach the bridge, a little over 2 miles from the light and after the gate to the Base and the Tourism Center sign, move over into the left-hand lane and just before the bridge you will see a left-hand turn lane onto Rosedale Road (RT 652). This turn lane also permits U-turns onto 301 Southbound. 


When making the U-turn, move all the way over to the furthest right lane and turn right into the Museum parking lot just after the King George County sign.




Follow the fourth and fifth paragraphs of the directions above. 




After you cross the Nice/Middleton Bridge, pass the King George sign and turn right into the Museum parking lot.

Planning to travel over the bridge before or after your museum visit? 

Check out the links below for a live view of the traffic there.

Girder 17 - Bridge Entrance at DHM Museum - Viewing Northbound

Girder 18 - DHM Museum Entrance - Viewing Northbound

Girder 19 - Approaching Bridge - Viewing Northbound

Girder 20 - Barnefield Park Entrance - Viewing Northbound

Girder 16 - Viewing Museum from the Bridge - Viewing Southbound

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