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Our Mission

The Dahlgren Heritage Foundation, which oversees the Dahlgren Heritage Museum, preserves and promotes the history, traditions, heritage, and culture of the U.S. Navy at Dahlgren, Virginia, and the surrounding community.  By so doing, the Foundation supports local economic development, as well as state and local tourism. 


The Foundation will purposefully seek financial and resource support to 1) enable the activities and growth of the Dahlgren Heritage Museum, 2) offer STEM and other educational activities to the community and 3) foster partnerships to enable the Foundation to share and interpret the stories of the U.S. Navy’s physical, technical, intellectual, and social contributions to King George County, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the nation. 


A five-year strategic plan covering the period 2022 to 2026 offers a visitor-focused strategy with four strategic themes: embracing a 21st-century leadership role in discussing societal impacts of complex science and technology issues; opening doors to a growing number of visitors through new exhibits and an expanded digital presence; broadening the Foundation’s relevance through educational activities and engagement in community events; and increasing visitor awareness through expansive communication strategies. 


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Foundation has considerable obligations to our community.  In that context, our strategic plan focuses on telling the story of Dahlgren Navy base and its people through the development and management of our collections, undertaking scientific and historical research, and presenting innovative experiences to the public.

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