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STEM Program about Epidemiology

Dahlgren Heritage Museum hosted their final STEM event of 2022 on Sat, Dec 17 from 10 - 11:30 am at the museum, 3540 James Madison Pkwy, King George. This event was free and open to the public.

Epidemiology - Epidemiology is the study of how often diseases occur in different groups of people and why. Epidemiological info is used to plan and evaluate strategies to prevent illness and as a guide to the management of patients in whom disease has already developed. Students will be guided by STEM instructor, Ms Erica Borgers, a USMC veteran and renowned biochemist at NSWC Dahlgren Division.

Open to 6th - 8th grade students

A big thank you to biochemist and USMC veteran Ms. Erica Borgers for running today's STEM program about epidemiology and to Jon Dachos, our STEM champion, for his work in arranging the event.

Keep an eye out for announcements of future STEM events! We are excited about what's in the works for January.

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